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Just a Little Chuckle

I’ve been taking care of Someone with the flu which is an experience that has just left me speechless.  It is the opposite of fun. People with Lewy Body have a weakened immune system and can easily catch anything or everything.

I had a minute to take a shower yesterday and as I was getting my clothes together to take into the bathroom, I grabbed a shirt that was inside-out.  As I was fixing the shirt, the seams reminded me of a day back when…

About nine years ago, I was in the thick of getting the Canine Distemper Virus treatment protocol together with Dr. Alson Sears and Ed Bond.  I was being constantly exposed to dogs with the virus and I could not afford to bring it home nor to spread from dog to dog at the vet clinic we were working at.  (It is very contagious and was deadly.)

One of the ways the Canine Distemper Virus is spread is through tiny droplets floating through the air from a dog’s sneeze.  Owners were bringing in their dogs with bronchitis, not sure if it was Distemper, and while a dog can have both at the same time, Distemper and bronchitis, you want to avoid that!

I was constantly showering with a mild bleach solution and changing my clothes all the time.  I could not risk the sneezes being on my clothes, in my hair or on my skin, especially when I was going to help with a litter of puppies or a dog who didn’t have Distemper. It was a precaution all rescuers should take but many don’t.  It is just too much effort to do what I did but it was the right thing to do.

One day, I was standing in line at Walgreen’s to pick up a dog’s prescription*.  It was really busy and I had not yet gone into the clinic.  I had just taken a shower at home.  All was well, I thought.

I felt a tap on my shoulder.  I looked around.  A woman in another aisle wanted to speak to me. “Honey,” she said in a very hushed, gentle voice, “I just wanted you to know that your shirt is inside out…”

I thanked her for caring enough to let me know and then explained to her that my skin was just super sensitive and that I had intentionally put it on inside-out so the seams wouldn’t bother my skin. (I chuckled to myself. I must be a sight for sore eyes!)

I didn’t tell her the part of seeing hundreds of hundreds of sick and dying dogs, working on the treatment to help them and having to take so many showers–and with a solution that would kill the virus since soap and a shower would not–since I knew her eyes would probably start spinning.  It was too much for me and I was living it intentionally until we could save dogs, now available world-wide.

So, as I was turning my shirt seams back inside yesterday, I was transported back to Walgreen’s and while I can’t remember the woman’s face, I do remember how sweet she was and how sore my skin was!  I shook my head and laughed a little remembering back to the things I had to do back then. No one really knows the struggles we went through to get the Distemper serum and protocol perfected to save their dog.

In fact, I was in a vet clinic recently and watched from about five feet away as a woman come in to get three serum injections for her dog with distemper and some antibiotics. The vet handed them to her and she hugged him and thanked him for saving her dog.  I stood there and watched.  All of the work and sacrifice from our small volunteer team and special angels that helped us along the way to keep the dream of finding a way to stop this deadly disease was still at work saving lives.  I felt like a proud parent–with a little worse-for-the-wear but now healed skin.


If you have a dog who you suspect or know has Distemper, please go to Kind Hearts in Action to find the nearest vet to help you.


If you have a family member who has Lewy Body or is having difficulties that seems like a very unpleasant form of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s combined, you may want to do some research and/or find a doctor to help you: Lewy Body Dementia Association


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Photo: Bunny on her new Kuranda bed with ‘her’ Bunny.  She was so happy, she was laughing!  Bunny’s birthday is coming up–she is going to be eleven and is a natural survivor of distemper which is very rare.  Unfortunately, she lost the ability to stand on her front legs and needs human help to walk with a mobility aid (or as we call it a belly band) or a donated doggie wheelchair.  I really love the GingerLead mobility harness. You can order it in different widths/sizes.  It’s been the only brand I’ve used for years now–after trying many.


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