One Year Later

One year ago I was graced with a second chance at life.  I was in a hospital bed in the ICU dying but by the Grace of God, I am here today. The journey back to life wasn’t easy but it was more amazing than it was painful–and it was painful!

I knew the anniversary of what happened was coming but I did not expect the impact that it would have on me.  I found that I needed to completely retreat into prayer and silence.  There is something profoundly other-worldly about surviving a near death experience.

Not only am I grateful that I was able to live but in the space between life and after life, I was tasked with a mission which I have not yet completed. I needed time to think about how to accomplish this.  I was given a glimpse of what we call heaven and many answers to questions we all have about life after life. I was also told to put it into a book so everyone would have access to the information.  Being distracted by so many things, I have not yet completed this task although I do have all of my notes that I wrote down in the hospital when I had the strength to do so.

In addition, facing so many life decisions and serious health issues-again-that deserve contemplation and research and complete focus, I just withdrew into maintaining all of the lives around me while trying to figure out some very significant things.  I still haven’t come to any final decisions but I am feeling that whatever decisions I make will be those that I can rest in.  A great portion of making these decisions is walking in faith and not by sight which brings a sense of calm and serenity.  If God means for something to happen, it will.  If He doesn’t, then it won’t no matter how we try, wish, pray, worry, have anxiety, etc. so it is best to put all of those emotions aside and just stay calm, steady and focused.

I am sorry that my silence has worried you.  Some of you are aware of the hurdles I personally face as well as with Someone, all while taking care of special needs dogs. I wasn’t planning on such a long break from writing but then strep throat hit and the fevers and because one of my lungs is already partially compromised, it caused secondary problems and tremendous pain.  As sick as I was, I could not even lay down in bed without first folding up a big quilt to put under my lungs for extra cushioning.

While it will take me a few more weeks to get better.  Typing hurts my lung!  I am going to stay in prayerful silence until I make some decisions.  I just need to just listen for the answers.  I will be getting mail and will be writing back but I am going to try to limit my computer and email time. Plus, I need to get the book written while I have the time and energy, in whatever free time I have.

The dogs are all as sweet as can be.  My heart weighs heavy about Sweet Maggie Mags.  She had so many health issues when she got to the Rescue Ranch nine years ago.  After recovering from emergency surgery, with a little help, her giant fluffy self jumped into the back seat of my car and never looked back.  That was the same day I was given Big Maya, Rocky Rocks, Jed the Poodle Doodle and the Chihuahua twins, Bellie and Sissy, whose broken bodies had been discarded out in the middle of a desolate field.

Initially, I turned down the request to take them all because we were already overwhelmed but after thinking about it, I realized that they had nowhere to go, no one able to care for them, no way to learn about love, to have a home, to get warm food and chew bones and would lose their little lives even after surviving terrible suffering.  I could not let that happen no matter how hard it would be for us. Their lives could not end in a memory of pain. And, as I have learned over the years, each animal actually expands our hearts and souls.  I have no regret about taking them and in fact, I thank God that we did.  Each animal has been a blessing in his/her own way.

I appreciate your patience during this time in my life.  Please sign up for email notification of blog posts so you know when I write since I cannot promise that I will be writing with any regularity right now.  I will again, I hope, but I just need a little more time right now.

Thank you for your prayers, love, friendship, help and blessings.  They are all welcome and gratefully received. I ask daily that God return them many times to bless your own lives.  I really mean it.

With love and always Hugs from the Herd,


Mailing address:

Rescue Ranch

4057 Riley Fuzzel Road

Suite 500-130

Spring, TX  77386

Much needed: Dingo Ringos (petmountain.com in the Bulk section), Burger King and McDonald’s credits (special needs dogs who won’t eat anything else will eat Whopper Patties and McD’s egg patties with bacon!) and amazon.com e-credits for dog chews and food (they should go to a.rescue.volunteer@gmail.com)

Grateful. Always grateful.