More Good News and a Few Oh-Ohs

Hi Angels–

I just got back from the hospital.  It has been a long couple of weeks–in and out, out and in.  I didn’t want to worry you. Finally, the tests are all back and I know what direction things are headed–two very big “Thank God’s” and two big “Oh-Oh’s.”

I can’t keep my eyes open one more second right now to write more.  Leaving the hospital tonight, I got sick in the hallway and had to be put in a wheelchair to just get to the car.  I think I was just overwhelmed with relief and decisions yet to come as well as being still sick, tired and hungry.  Things will get better eventually but for now, check back on this link by Monday, Tuesday afternoon at the latest.  I have a few stories to write.

Thank you to our Angels who sent their precious prayers and love and to those who send other types of help, we are grateful.  Your Burger King gift cards (and other gift cards) are saving my life–especially on nights like tonight–but they are getting depleted–and amazon credits are needed now more than ever. The RR daily treat box is almost empty (EEK!). For dogs who can only move or eat or drink with human aid, having a daily chew–not cookies but something longer term as their daily “look forward to” even if a human still has to hold it for them because their front legs or mouth doesn’t work “normally,” we need to focus on replenishing our stock! (I will put together a list of the top five chews needed on the next post if anyone wants to help or keep a look out for sales.)

I lit a candle in the hospital chapel for everyone tonight before I went home and then I knelt down and prayed for you. I asked God to bless you all with whatever you need. I don’t think we need to list it all out–I believe God knows what we need even before we know!  I stand in awe of His Magnificence, Love and Mercy and amazing Power.  He never ceases to amaze me every day.

God also called Maggie’s name during this time. I thank God that it was early in the morning and so I was able to be with her to comfort her and to care for her during her last hours. I will write more about her life next week.  She was a goofy, gentle, sweet soul (a gorgeous German Shepherd) who is running and playing now in heaven, I am sure, and no longer has all of her health issues.  She was with us for nine full years. Maggie Mags is very much loved and deeply missed.  She made me smile every single day and still does every time I think of her. She would be very happy if the thought of her made you smile, too! (She slept with her personal pink rubber kick-ball and her blankie every single night!)


Sending much love and always…

Hugs from the Herd


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PS  Thank you to the angel who sent a bulk box of Dingo Ringos from petmountain.com–there is no “from” name in the box!  …And to the angel who sent the box of shampoo, conditioner and everything pretty and scented, thank you for reminding me that my own self needs some TLC sometimes. I will work on these and my other thank you notes this coming week. Please forgive my lateness!