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Submitted Under a Pink Moonbow

The last of the doctors’ letters came in on Friday.  After incorporating his comments and input into Someone’s Medicare Retroactive Reinstatement Request, I finished writing and organizing and copying (one sheet at a time) onto three-hole paper at 9 PM on St. Patrick’s Day.  Since I believe in the luck of the Irish, I thought that that was a good sign.

Fed Ex overnight was too expensive so it went out Fed Ex Ground.  God willing it gets there today and it reaches someone with compassion.  The more I wrote and the more documentation that I had to acquire and add in, the more it made sense to approve this request.  It was a constellation of errors as well as Someone’s cognitive impairment that complicated everything and really, what happened was invalid–but it happened and nothing gets undone unless someone points out the problem!

I took some time after it went out to walk and play with each of the dogs at the Rescue Ranch.  They have been so good and understanding.  I also wanted to just clear my mind and get some fresh air.  Over a month working on a computer screen really took its toll on my eyes.

I looked up at the night sky.  I just wanted to say, “Thank you,” to God for just allowing me to get through this past month or even a little more.  Beloved Charlee and beautiful Pasha passed on while I was beginning to write what would be ultimately occupy a two inch binder.  I felt like they were angels helping me continue on in a way.  They were here, they knew what was going on, they passed on because God called but animals are very smart and very aware.

There was a beautiful, soft pink ring around the moon that was out a bit and around the “glow” of the moon.  It was stunning and beautiful.  I had never seen one in my entire life.  By the time I “ran” in to get the camera, it was gone.  Someone saw it, too.  “Oh, wow!” he said. Eight hours later, as I was finishing up walking the dogs (with breaks in-between, I was very much limping by then, the pink ring appeared again–so after admiring it, I went online and looked up the meaning of it on the computer.  (The pics on the internet do not show the true beauty of this phenomenon.) It is a sign of very good luck and it is very rare.  Some consider it a “moonbow” like a “rainbow,” but more rare.  That made me smile inside and outside as I tossed yet another squeaking football on a cord.  I was really thankful that I got to see one once, never mind twice!

I am convinced that God hears our prayers.  Maybe the answers are not what we want, maybe they are; maybe they happen immediately, maybe they are delayed.  Whatever the case, the binder is now in His “hands.”  If it is meant to be approved, it will be.  If not, it is at least assembled into a complete history and format that an advocate can understand and take it one step further.  Sorting through hundreds upon hundreds of documents in a box would take too much time–this way, it is easy to follow the chronology and the things that went wrong and definitely calls for relief, hopefully sooner than later.  Someone is having complications from hernia mesh surgery #1 and #2 so this is very important to get fixed so he has insurance plus $108,000 in claims were un-paid and there are lots of unhappy providers calling.  How do you explain this life?

Thank you to those of you who have been patient with me and in understanding that I had to be single-focused during this time.  Of course, there was unlimited time and care and love put into helping Charlee and Pasha but I could not write letters or focus on email or reading or doing anything else.  Even taking a simple shower, an idea would come to me or in my sleep–so I kept paper and a Sharpie next to my “bed.”  I had to be completely absorbed but not consumed by the subject at hand or I couldn’t do it.

Give me a day or so to clean up the piles of paper and drafts and tabs and paper clips and and and so I can see my desk again and then I will start to come back to life.  Until then, angels know that I love you and pray for you and that you are never far from my thoughts and heart.  There are few of you active these days but I honor you all with all that I am.

To God goes the glory–

Sending Love and always Hugs from the Herd



IF you can help, our amazon account is now at zero.  Please send any e-credits to  This is a critical resource for us right now for everything dog!



We need kibble VIP and in bags less than fifteen pound bags (my limit right now*)-and flavored (not plain) rawhide chews or non-rawhide bones like Dreambones (see our Amazon wish list and wet dog food that is like a pate’ not in chunks/stew (which seems yummier to me but is harder for them to eat and requires hand-feeding each one):

to get some ideas.  (I will update the list this week so check back on the weekend.  One angel dropped off Walmart’s new kibble, Vibrant Life–which was a big hit–mixed with some chicken nuggets or like tonight, some Whopper patty pieces! Thank you!!!)

Amazon E-credits allow me to order what we need in the moment and to have it delivered to our mailing address in two days!  Special needs dogs don’t just “wolf” down (no pun intended) bowls of kibble.  They need chicken broth or…beef broth, meat, veggies, soft food, etc. etc. etc. mixed into it–then a time-delay so it can soften.  Feeding special needs dogs is a whole ‘nother animal (pun intended).

*The end of last year, I hurt my knees (badly) on a wipe-out running to help Someone–nothing broken or torn other than a piece of bone floating around in one and lots of soft tissue damage. I was on crutches, now in prescription hinged, knee braces.  My knees are still healing. I can pour out kibble (dry or wet) or give out Burger King, McD’s or Wendy’s burgers–plain–or mix the two together when time allows.  (ALL gift cards always needed and welcome!)

Thank you for caring. Especially for caring.


IF you want to help generally, I have a Go Fund Me open which helps the dogs and Someone.  Gifts are deposited directly onto my debit card to be used right away:


Grateful. Always.


Two versions of an Irish folk saying…


“You’ve got to love like you’ll never get hurt, You’ve got to dance like there’s nobody watching, You’ve got to come from the heart if you want it to work. “


“Dance like no one is watching, love like you’ve never been hurt; sing like no one is listening, and live like it’s heaven on earth.”


Mailing Address: Rescue Ranch 4057 Riley Fuzzel Road, Ste. 500-130, Spring, TX  77386

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It’s Always Something

Thankfully, this past week, I had listened to a Deepak Chopra show on PBS about the spiritual laws of the universe.  (I keep the screen off on the TV and listen to the sound while I work.  While I don’t agree with everything he says, I love to consider all different points of view.) I remember him saying that everything happens as it is supposed to and that we are to only live in the present–not carrying anything from the past or expecting anything from the future.  “Food for thought, ” I thought as I mulled it over.  His three or four hour lecture was fresh in my mind.

I have been working all week on a project that was over 400 pages and needed to be Fed Ex’d PDQ.  I kept reading it and reworking it–about eight times–to cut out any repetitive sentences, thoughts, or even paragraphs and got it down to 265 pages.  That would cut down on the copying charges, the weight of the Fed Ex and the time that someone else’s tired eyes is going to have to read it!

With three hours to spare, it was time to leave to copy it and send it out.  Four of six doctors had responded with letters that I needed and records to support what I was writing about. The others I asked couldn’t do them until next week but I really needed to get this in today–or so I thought.  (I told Someone to get dressed and to get in the car at least a few hours in advance.  I took five to actually get him sitting in a seat.)  “Oh,” I said, “I need a credit card.”  The machines are now automated.  You can’t just pay cash at the counter after making copies.  “I’ll get it,” Someone said.  “Great.  Then, let’s go,” I said.

We drove there and I got everything set across the counter, Exhibit by Exhibit, to copy. Someone kept putting the card in the “reader” and it kept coming back.  “I don’t know why it keeps rejecting the card.”  “Let me see it, ” I said.  It was the correct bank card. Then Someone said, “It is a 2018 card.  The new one doesn’t come until the summer so it should work.” Oh.

My Someone has Lewy Body Dementia.  It is not a disease with a steady decline so you kind of know what to expect day to day.  LBD changes hour by hour, day to day.  While physically weaker, some times, Someone is “himself.”  Other times, there are clear signs that something is wrong–some things I will not talk about until he is no longer with us.  I don’t want him to lose his dignity but know that no one could ever prepare for this disease.  It is a mind-bender.

Well, we took the document and the card and headed home.  There is nothing you can say in this situation other than, “Well, I’ll get the right card and we’ll come back tomorrow.”  Now, I know I need to watch for another level of impairment.  I know I would have destroyed the old card and double-checked it before I left to go out.  How he found an old card I will never know.

On the way home, headed for McDonald’s for doggie burgers, Deepak Chopra’s voice was telling me that everything is as it is supposed to be.  Let nothing upset you.  Expect nothing.  Thankfully, I don’t get upset easily so other than a little extra stomach acid rumbling around,  it doesn’t matter.

“Tomorrow is another day,” my mother used to always remind me.  Maybe there is something I forgot to include.  Maybe one of the doctor’s who didn’t get included will send their letter earlier than next week.  Maybe maybe maybe.

It will take a couple of hours now to feed the dogs who won’t eat dog food or can’t eat dog food but not having the burgers, would mean I’d be up all night into the morning. Taking care of special needs dogs is so outside the normal “pet,” or even fostering, experience. They feel like eating–or drinking–one day and then not the next.  I have to have all types of things available for them to eat–sometimes, they only want my cheese sandwich or my cheese pizza–then I have a juice box for dinner!

When you get frustrated, just remember to stay in the moment.  Things are going the way they are supposed to. Let go and just go with what is happening. (I sure pray lots of prayers, most that I learned way back when and read prayer cards for reinforcement and at the same time, too, as I’ve been told, to praise–say, “Thank You,” for all things, even those that haven’t happened yet instead of begging for things yet to come–or not. Even the hard things, the things you wish weren’t, the things you are glad about.  All things.

“Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:18 (NIV)


IF you want to help me continue my “mission” caring for special needs animals, and there are lots of them at the Rescue Ranch, please help in any way you can.  Thank you!

You can:

Send Prayers are always welcome and much appreciated.
E-anything–from email to much needed amazon credits and gift cards–from generic Visa to fast-food restaurants, please use: (or the mail)
Mailing address: Rescue Ranch, 4057 Riley Fuzzel Road, Ste. 500-130, Spring, TX  77386
Rescue Ranch website:  (I will update the site/blog after I am done with this project. I will let you know when I am posting there again–probably mid-March.)


“Giving connects two people, the giver and the receiver, and this connection gives birth to a new sense of belonging.” ― Deepak Chopra



“If you could really see that tree over there,” Merlin said, “you would be so astounded that you’d fall over.”
“Really? But why?” asked Arthur. “It’s just a tree.”
“No,” Merlin said, “It’s just a tree in your mind. To another mind it is an expression of infinite spirit and beauty. In God’s mind it is a dear child, sweeter than anything you can imagine.”







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My Valentine’s Story

After I wrote another blog post, A Valentine’s Day Story,  Valentine’s Day came and went. It didn’t bother me at all.  I expect nothing anymore and am grateful for absolutely everything.

I was really happy though on Valentine’s Day because an angel had sent a Fandango gift card to Someone in a cute doggie Valentine’s Day card. (I keep all cards for Someone to “read.” He loves the colors and pictures and every once in awhile he gets one with music and laughs and dances to them over and over and over again, intentionally being silly and enjoying them.)

Other than me and the dogs, or a trip to the doctor or an occassional outing to a store, his primary day consists of sleeping and watching television–and watching television means seeing lots of ads for new menu additions at the local fast food places and ads for movies to see.  Every once in awhile, he will ask–and he rarely asks for much–to go see a particular movie.  (Thank you our precious angels for your Valentine’s cards and prayer cards, too.  I will be writing to everyone next week. God willing.)

He has been asking to go see several movies lately but the Fandango card allowed me to pick one–I had to pick the one that made the most sense.  Someone wanted to go and see the movie about the rock group Queen–and to go see it in a theater–not on TV–because of the “awesome” sound systems that theaters have–never mind that it would take a year or so until it was on “non-pay” TV–so “Bohemian Rhapsody” it was. I agreed with him.

Everywhere I checked, the movie was only playing very late or later at night and that was not going to be possible.  It is difficult enough to manage a LBD. (Lewy Body Dementia affected people “sundown”–after dusk and until dawn, it becomes a time behaviorally that tests the absolute best of us.  I’ll save this subject for another time.)  I said a prayer and told God that I would try one last time to do a search on my laptop.  I was really, really tired but I wanted to give these tickets to Someone for Valentine’s Day. I found that there was a one day, special matinée showing coming in a few weeks to a theater right near us!  Thank you Jesus!

I printed out the tickets, put a few red heart stickers on it and a tiny picture from the movie jacket cover (trying not to use too much ink) and folded it up and put it all back in his angel’s card.  After he woke up mid-afternoon (most LBD people don’t go to bed until after dawn), I wished him a “Happy Valentine’s Day” and handed him the card.  When it registered what the card was holding, his precious tickets, he was soooooo happy!  All day and night long, whenever he passed me or thought about it, he came over and gave me a bear hug! Someone said he was giving hugs to everyone who sent him the tickets or who just cared about him.  I was almost squished from so many hugs (but in a good way)!!

Two days later,  I closed my computer and thought everyone, and especially Someone, was asleep and went to take a nap.

Surprise!  When I woke up, and after I fed everyone breakfast and took care of medical needs and potty breaks, I went to my laptop.  This is what I saw:

Val.Day.2019.note.and.candy.surprise.jpg - 1

The note on the front left corner says: “The World is a Better Place with You in it.”

My heart was so amazed and touched by the thoughtfulness of this that I just stood there. He may have been late but he didn’t forget.  He can’t write well any more so the impact of how long it took him to write the little note near the key pad brough me to tears. And while he doesn’t use my name any more, he took off his CPAP mask and got up (I moved my writing desk into the bedroom), put his arm around me and said, “I love you, Sweetheart,”  and kissed me on the forehead.  “I hope you don’t mind that this is late. I wanted to wait until the candy went on sale.”  (We had run errands the day before.) Certainly a Valentine’s Day to remember.


The constellation of stress and responsibility of helping a herd of special needs dogs but especially a significant other with a terminal neurodegenerative disease are crushing in many ways. Please help in any way that you can when you can.

This weekend, while I was trying to write the 400 plus pages for the Reconsideration Request to restore his Medicare (he accidentally got his medical insurance cancelled using the wrong words trying to get something corrected), my beloved Charlee went from critical to intensive care and then passed away from complications of Congestive Heart Failure (more on Charlee’s life soon).  I was near or with him every second of every day/night during this time right until God called.

(I have learned that animals don’t want to pass/transition alone–people don’t either. It is great comfort to them to have someone hold them and reassure them during the last days, especially hours. I have also learned that if an animal/person passes alone it is because they lovingly want to leave you with the memory of them alive.)

After taking care of “my” Charlee’s needs and trying to get my eye swelling down from crying, I began writing again.  Pasha then went from critical to intensive care and is now on the verge of God calling.  She spent the night in my arms while I talked to her,  told her stories about her life, reassured her, syringed sweetened water (for a little energy) into her mouth and to keep it from drying out, cleaned up messes (from both ends) and occassionally thought of how Someone’s Medicare papers are so close to being finished but Life and Love is more important than anything–and that includes even the end of Life. I want each and every dog to know that they are loved, knew loved and know that they don’t have to be scared of what is ahead–life after life is so beautiful and I make sure that they know that.

Hopefully by the end of the week, I will be able to submit the paperwork.  We may have two more angels that we know in heaven as well.  They both had long, happy lives once they arrived at the Rescue Ranch and were loved by many, thank God.

How to Help?

Prayers. cards to fast-food restaurants like Taco Bell, McD’s, Burger King,  KFC, etc. are needed–to feed Someone AND the dogs (I mix into kibble or feed straight for those who are particular or sick, will eat Whopper patties or shakes or McDoubles or chicken fingers or eggs or or or) as are amazon credits and generic Visas.

(Please have mercy–on me.  I can’t afford to take the time to cook all of this myself when there are so many other pressing things to do. The gift cards are a literal godsend.)

Address:  Rescue Ranch, 4057 Riley Fuzzel Road, Ste. 500-130, Spring, TX  77386

E-anything please send to:

Grateful. So very, very Grateful.

(We pray for you always in all ways.)


For more information about Lewy Body Dementia, please go to

To rescue, adopt, foster, help rescue animals (of all types and sizes!), please go to: and do a zip code search one you get the type of animal and age selected.

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Animals Are Best Kept Inside During Extreme Weather

Wheather the temps are below freezing–or when they are scorching–all animals must be given shelter, a way to keep warm or cool, plenty of food and a way to access water that isn’t frozen or too hot to drink. I think a bone to chew on or something to do like having access to a cat climber should be included in the list of “must haves.”

As a life-long animal rescuer (since I was in junior high), unfortunately I’ve seen it all.  I have been called to help animals who have been left outside, chained to trees or to houses or to their dog houses, with rocks in their food buckets and solid ice in their water dishes.  Some, left out in the yard while their guardians are at work, have no shelter or are expected to use the concrete porches as their escape from frozen ground or blazing sun.  That is no solution! I gauge the situation with this premise. If I can’t walk across the concrete, or sleep on it, in the freezing weather or in the heat of the summer–in my bare feet–the animals can’t either. That’s my outside barameter.

Right now, all of the animals that I care for are inside, tucked into warm beds. Those beds are on top of pads to create a barrier between the bed and the floor, covered with quilts and soft blankets.  If they accidently roll over and uncover themselves, I get up and tuck them in again, sometimes getting up twenty times every few hours.  The barameter I use inside is that if my feet are cold or if I need to put on a sweater or a bathrobe, the dogs all need a way to keep warm, too, so I give out extra blankets and put myself on “tuck-in duty.”

The health risks and damage that can be done by not being conscious of the weather conditions and protecting your animals from it can either cost them a body part, cause an extended illness or worse, even compromise their little lives no matter how big or small or young or old that they are.  It can cost you a small fortune to go to the vet as well as a lot of time and heartache that could have been easily avoided if you just apply some common sense.

I have seen the damage that ice does to animals’ feet and mouths.  The ice or icicles can puncture or slice open delicate skin on their tongues or gums while the pads on their feet–that they absolutely depend on 100%–can be torn, burned, split open or worse and it is very painful.  Hot surfaces like asphalt and concrete can do the same damage. If you are not around to help them, they could bleed to death.  Even if you find them injured–as I have been called many a time to rescue these animals–the scene and injury can be horrific and it takes much TLC and nursing care to help them recover.

I had a neighbor who left his dog in a igloo dog house out in the middle of a full sun/full cold spot in his yard, penned in by a portable chain link dog kennel.  The dog had no shade, no protection from the cold of the ground, and cried all of the time–and the man worked very long hours.  He thought that because the igloo house was insulated that the dog was OK.  She was not.

During the summer, I would make ice balls and pitch them into the kennel area so the dog could cool down (they sweat through their mouths and foot pads since they don’t have sweat glands).  During the winter, I would make warm food balls and pitch those into the fenced area. (My throwing arm is pretty accurate now!) Eventually, I decided to go over and talk to my neighbor and wound up volunteering to babysit his sweet dog during the days and weekends so she wouldn’t be alone and in a compromised situation. (He didn’t want to leave her inside the house while he was at work, lest she went potty on the carpet, due to his long hours away.)

Lady went to the dog park with us, to the store, and really was loved like one of my dogs except she went “home” at night. I regret that I didn’t offer to just adopt her but people and how they care for and love their pets is a very delicate subject to broach.  I didn’t want the aid that I could offer her to be shut off.  I did as much as I could until we eventually moved far away.

Please treat your animals like your children.  They need you to be their caretaker, their guardian, to watch out for their well-being both physical and emotional.  If you cannot do this, please find a new home for your animals.  (Please note. Shelters are not considered a responsible way to rehome your animals.  Many shelters kill owner-surrendered animals within an hour of being brought in.  They are not a “pet hotel” in any form of the imagination.) Network with friends, coworkers, relatives to find a safe, happy place for your animals to live or to stay while you are away.

Thank you for caring about your animals–really about all animals–and try to live your life without leaving any regrets behind.


About this blog

Created at the end of January, 2019, by a published writer and author for almost 20 years, this blog is both an outlet for Jane to share her knowledge about animals and dog and people health and products, but also to chronicle her journey as her husband approaches the middle and end of a journey afflicated with Lewy Body Dementia.

Unable to go to work because of the need to be on call/duty 24/7, expenses are extreme with a ranch of special needs dogs and a husband with a terminal illness. Every month a link will be in the menu above to offer help when you can.  It is impossible to provide for everyone’s needs without help.  To help, the link for Feb, 2019 is:

Please sign up for email notifications of new blog posts under the “Contact” button and click on “Like” after posts when you feel so motivated.  It is hard to be a caregiver of so many so having some virtual support and encouragement, prayers and all gifts would be very much appreciated.

Thank you for caring. Especially for caring.

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” –Anatole France